Over half of the children in Africa never finish high school.  For those children that do attend school, there is a near constant dropout rate that is indicative of poor quality and massive inefficiencies in the educational system. The result, from an educational point of view, is that a majority of African children barely go beyond a fourth grade education. Tanzania faces the same challenges.


Educational reports reflect that many children in middle school cannot read on a third grade reading level and over half of the children and youth do not pass national exams. Classrooms are overcrowded and in many cases having over 50 children in one classroom with one teacher and not materials. Teaching staffs are under-resourced and often available as a teacher shortage exists. School libraries are almost none existent. 


Do to levels of physical poverty; many students drop out to help provide a living for their family. This physical poverty along with educational poverty results in a present generation of underprivileged and disadvantaged children and youth who are abandoned and forgotten. 


The Simba Foundation donors are making a difference in the educational poverty gap by providing educational resources and curriculum materials to help transform an educational system based on rote memorization into vibrant setting where children can learn, increase their literacy skills and develop the courage and pride to not drop out, but stay in school and complete their high school education. The Foundation works with Tanzanian nationals to build an educational environment that promotes the physical, spiritual, emotional, educational and social well-being of children.